Erica Brianna  @thecoffeenomad

There was a time when Erica only drank coffee for functionality's sake; to get her up for 5:00 a.m. live news shots out in the middle-of-no-where Texas. But after chasing one or too many house fires, she left broadcast news to work in corporate media at AT&T Headquarters. After working with the top executives and arranging live company broadcasts, she left the Longhorn State and returned to her hometown Newport Beach, C.A. There, she found a place where her love of storytelling, branding, and coffee collide at Passport Brand Design—a branding agency attached to a coffee roastery and cafe. It was the perfect storm. Behind all of this, she was constantly working on her own coffee brand, The Coffee Nomad. She always knew she wanted to be a part of the beginning of coffee's story and has now joined the forces at the green coffee sourcing company, Nordic Approach. You can find her taking way too many photos of her fox-puppy (no really, her dog could be part fox), visiting breweries with her boyfriend in North Carolina or drinking coffee for coffee's sake. 

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Anna Brones  @annabrones

Anna Brones is a writer, artist and producer. She is the author of several books including Fika:The Art of the Swedish Coffee Break, Paris Coffee Revolution and Hello, Bicycle as well as the founder and publisher of the food zine Comestible. Her work has been published in many online and print publications including Caffeine Magazine, Adventure Cyclist, Fresh Cup, Civil Eats and Bicycling and she is also a staff writer at Sprudge. 

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Brian W. Jones  @DCILY

Brian W. Jones is a designer and brand consultant living on the west coast of Sweden. He is founder of the website Dear Coffee, I Love You, co-founder of the late Coffee Common experience, partner in Oakland-based AKA Coffee, and author of the book, Brew: Better Coffee At Home. Over the years, he has developed brands for several companies and organizations in the specialty coffee industry and spends his free time enjoying the forest and copious amounts of natural wine.


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Photo by Jeff Newton of  Americano Mondays  

Photo by Jeff Newton of Americano Mondays 

Bryan Schiele

Bryan Schiele is a home coffee brewer and the co-host of the I Brew My Own Coffee Podcast along with Brian Beyke. He’s been sharing his journey in specialty coffee on Instagram as since 2011. When he’s not talking about coffee, he’s also a husband, a father, a software engineer by day, and a freelance real estate and product photographer by night in Phoenix, AZ.

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