Coffee ON:line is a panel showcasing independent coffee media professionals—bloggers, writers, instagrammers, and coffee content creators. The goal of Coffee ON:line is to explore key topics in creating online content, such as: Responsible online coffee media—what does that mean? Engagement—how do you build an authentic and engaged online community? Taking online community offline—what are the benefits and challenges? Sponsorship—managing clients; what are the dos and don’ts of disclosure? Making a career out of making coffee online—is it possible? Health & Online media—creating boundaries with devices and social media.

Most importantly we hope to create community by offering an opportunity for up-and-coming independent coffee media professionals to learn from seasoned talent, exchange ideas, and engage with each other in real life (IRL!). We are excited to host this inaugural Coffee ON:line event to learn from each other in a new space of inspired online influencers!

Please join us at Cherry Street Public House on Friday, April 21st at 5:30 p.m!




Vania is passionate about the community of coffee.  She lives in Vancouver, Canada where she co-founded Coffee Potluck, a community-based event intent on creating conversation in coffee.  Previously, she lived in Dublin, surrounded by amazing food & coffee at 3fe Coffee.

As a creative food specialist and policy student, she developed an interest in the coffee supply chain.  She is fascinated by speciality coffee’s role in shaping the wider coffee industry.

Vania is fascinated by sensory experiences. In recent projects, she paired tastes and smells to accompany the performance of musical works.  She's delighted to be a founding collaborator in this first Coffee ON:line, a place to connect online coffee media professionals in real life.  

Connect with Vania:  website |  twitter | instagram


Ashley the founder of the website The Little Black Coffee Cup where she features interviews with coffee professionals, develops recipes, and writes about sustainability. She has spent the past five years as a student of coffee, a freelance coffee writer, and as a so-called "independent coffee media professional"—navigating the intricacies of making coffee online. 

Ashley is thrilled to be a 2017 Re;co Symposium fellow thanks to the generosity of S&D Coffee. She is also thrilled to be co-hosting Coffee ON:line with Vania, alongside a panel of important and talented voices in the coffee industry.  

Connect with Ashley:  website |  twitter | instagram